Tuesday, September 01, 2009

indie bingo, oh yes!!!


GRAND OPENING LAUNCH NIGHT: Wednesday 2nd September 2009!
Dancing shoes on. Eyes down.
Get ready for Indie Bingo!
We play the tunes, you cross them off.
Full House wins you free bowling, plus vouchers or drinks!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
DJs Mike (Candybox / ListenUp! / Bedrock) and Dave (Candybox / Good Ship) playing the best Indie, Electro & Retro
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Basement of Tavistock Hotel, Bedford Way WC1H 9EU
8pm - 2am - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month
Entry £3 or £2 with flyer / NUS / badge / mailing list (includes 1st bingo card)
or find us on facebook


come down and i’ll let you download this………………….

Kid A, Amnesiac and Hail To The Thief bonus discs


Oh, you already have.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

A little mix......

.........because I have nothing else to say!


bye now!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I’m not watching the football….

Ahoy you lovely people, i’m exhausted and maybe a little depressed for no discernable reason. Oh well, here’s some stuff that is keeping me going right now.

Foreign Born – Person To Person
Due 23/6

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse Present Dark Night of the Soul


Monday, March 23, 2009

four months late………………..

Howdy cuntos, thought i should update so eventually i have done and this is said update.
i really have no excuse for not doing it I guess I am just a lazy lazy cunt! Actually I have been a little busier with doing candybox every week again and also regular dj slots at The Good Ship in Kilburn, how fucking weird that I’ve been doing this for about 12 years and I’m now busier than ever just when I’m feeling old and decrepit!!!!!!!!
I know some people come here from the candybox website expecting to get some sort of idea of what we play every Thursday and obviously those people (you perchance????) are left most disappointed, if you have come here looking for that can i direct you the the candybox facebook group where you will find setlists from all the most recent nights.
As for setlists from the mighty Good Ship, perhaps I'll post them here at some point, perhaps in this format……………………….goods

if you can read any of that you’ll see it’s party central when I’m on the ones and twos. oh yes!!!!!

So yeah, I didn’t post my end of year list like I said maybe I possibly but probably wouldn’t but maybe will do. I just felt that all of these lists are fundamentally the same, every blog writer has pretty much the same taste and what purpose would that serve? plus I'm a lazy cunt!!
For the record, as hinted my two favourite records were The Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow and of course the self titled debut by Fleet Foxes, two classic records that are still selling now which is a marvellous thing. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I FUCKING LOVE ELBOW!!!!!!!! and always thought they deserved to be much more widely appreciated and now it finally seems they are the world seems a much better place(hmmmmm??????), I’m not even sick of hearing One Day Like This on the hour every hour on xfm every day, this is surely the feel good story of the last few years, everyone always knew they were the nicest bunch of lads and now the world is theirs, hoorah!!!
Fleet Foxes I saw for the first time supporting Elbow last June and they are flying too, still in the UK Top 30 (a place above Elbow actually!)and supporting kindred spirit Neil Young in Hyde Park this summer. Elbow get to support U2 at Wembley, I might try to get a ticket and leave before the headliners……….

So that was last year, what has floated my boat so far this year you ask, let me tell you………….

Alela Diane - To Be Still

Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavillion

Bruce Springsteen - Working On A Dream

DM Stith - Heavy Ghost

Hatcham Social - You Dig The Tunnel, Ill Hide The Soil

Heartless Bastards - The Mountain

Howling Bells - Radio Wars

The Invisible - The Invisible     DOWNLOAD

It Hugs Back - Inside Your Guitar    DOWNLOAD

Madness - The Liberty Of Norton Folgate

M Ward - Hold Time

Morrissey - Years Of Refusal

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

The Phantom Band - Checkmate Savage

Phosphorescent - To Willie

The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

The Rakes – Klang

Red Light Company - Fine Fascination

The Rifles - The Great Escape

School Of Seven Bells – Alpinisms      DOWNLOAD

Titus Andronicus - The Airing Of Grievances

Wake The President - You Can't Change That Boy

All worth checking out, there’s been lots of other stuff as well but I guess these have been on heaviest rotation, helping me on the journey to deepest darkest Dagenham every fucking morning. These and the following podcasts that is………

Collings and Herrin

Adam and Joe

Iain Lee

606 With Danny Baker

Essential stuff that I could not make the journey without, have a listen and enjoy.


Right I’m going now, this has been long enough I reckon, rather enjoyable actually,  using Window Live Writer which on first impression feels like a fabulous easy too use blog application which might force me to do these a bit more regularly, we shall see huh. Gonna leave you with a special little download, a big one actually all of the extra discs with the shameless EMI Radiohead reissues out today in one handy RAR file, some good stuff on them – B Sides, Live Tracks, Remixes etc but not worth buying, you’ve all got the actual albums already, EMI has had your money already so fuck em!


And finally for those who are so inclined a Spotify playlist of some of the above and a few other bits, chat soon!




Wednesday, November 19, 2008

dave tries to objectively review the killers record, fails

Ahoy hoy dear reader, hope all is well in your world(s). Had a good couple of weeks since the last post. I saw my joint favourite new band of 2008 play for the second time and also my second favourite new band last night, you can work out who they are by checking my last.fm profile I guess but obviously they are going to feature very highly in my end of year list which will feature very soon so I'll be a little coy for now.
Made a comeback to the live arena myself with a pretty well received acoustic show the other week and with a few more pencilled in, it lookS like 2009 is gonna be a busy year. Look at our shite myspace here

Ok, this could prove tricky, I'm going to do one of my live blogging review type things of one of my least favourite bands ever, thats right The(cunting)Killers new one Day and Age. Oh fuck, let me have a fag first................

1. Losing Touch
The usual shite lyrics, brass like any self respecting shit ambitious indie music of the last 15 years, big solo near the end. Why am I doing this.........

2. Human
The single, on xfm every hour on the hour with that great chorus of "Are we human or are we dancer", classic utter bollocks wordage there Brandon you cunt.

3. Spaceman
I hate this band and I can't listen to any more, sorry this is painful, I would rather listen to the death rattle of my only child..........


Well that was just too hard, I don't think I'm missing out on something awe inspiring and I'll probably hear all of these songs at some point on daytime radio for the next year or so and so will you so make your own minds up. Its just if you come to the conclusion that yes, you do like this shower then you are wrong. Thanks!

What you should be listening to is

Deerhunter-Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.
A sprawling 80 minute 2 cd collection of psychedelic shoegazy loveliness from the Atlantans. I couldn't really get into the last album Cryptograms but this is an accessible set that has the feel of a minor classic.

Come to think of it this is the only new thing that I've really listened to in the last few weeks, been mainly listening to podcasts to and from work and listening back to my albums of the year in preperation for the list I will put up in a few weeks, The Killers will not be on there!!!!

In the meantime please vote in the very important poll at the top of the page, laters!!!!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lets see how long this one lasts...........

Still reeling from having my Keane related post removed I have decided to do it all again with a different new release and see how long this post survives.
Before I do so I thought I'd investigate the phenomenon of blogger removing posts and I came across this forum of people with similar experiences of mysteriously disappearing entries. Seems free speech is becoming less free so I'll try my hardest to be most offensive in the following review. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Kickabout's live blog of Slipway Fires, the new opus by Razorlight!!!!

Just to explain briefly, I recently came up with an idea to test myself really, review an album by an artist that I don't like. The first review was of Keane's new one and that was taken down by the powers that be. I was honest, didn't say I hated it and I honestly don't think I was too rude about it but there you go. The idea is to download the album and review it track by track as I hear it for the first time, being as honest and objective as possible. I'm choosing the artists that I dislike the most at the moment cos it seems like fun(???!!!???) Right, here goes,,,,,,,,,

I've switched off my last.fm scrobbler for obvious reasons and we start now

1. Wire To Wire
The first single, heard this loads already. I actually thought it quite pleasant on first lesson, the piano riff reminds me of a couple of Greg Dulli's songs. After a while this song does begin to nag a bit. Cracking lyrics Jonny, "She lives on disillusion row" being a typically meaningless sixth form lyric if you ask me and just short of three minutes later, it's over having taken us the listener absolutely nowhere.

2. Hostage of Love
That is probably one of the worst titles/concepts for a song I've ever heard. Terry Waite of the Heart would be better I reckon. I'm not really listening to the lyrics much but he used the word derision at one point, he is such a great lyricist. And so the song gallops away towards nothingness......

3.Tabloid Lover
Tippy tappy drumsticks backed by a clipped guitar line, Borrell's voice singing about something. Then the drums come in, bit of bass. "We try to live as one, we try to live as one" Then chorussy bit, ooh loud bit, Borrell doing the stadiumy "big" vocals, then.....it fades out, oh

FAG BREAK-I don't know why I'm doing this, I have nothing really interesting to say about this, boring so far, a little annoying actually. Maybe the nicotine will help me out......................

4. Burberry Blue Eyes
Oh God, I have nothing to say about this, musically it's quite poppy. The piano reminds me of the extremely cunty Scouting For Girls, then it fades out, maybe this is just a preview copy. Good!

5. North London Trash
I think this has pretentions to be a kind of Ray Davies character study amnd it certainly plods away like something by The Kinks but it doesn't move me in anyway shape or form.

6. Stinger
Bit of a slow one this. Lighters aloft moment, meaningful to someone I guess, its all bluster. "I don't love you, don't respect you....blah blah blah blah blah......."
I remember before the first album Up All Night came out and this lot seemed like an exciting edgy band, what happened??? Jonny Borrells ego happened and the clamour to fill stadiums is evident in all the output since.

7. You And The Rest
Horrible ba ba bas on this one, I am struggling to say anything. I've read a few reviews of this record, the NME one in particular which gave 4 out of 10, I'm not sure I could put a rating on this record, it leaves me utterly cold.

8. Monster Boots
I am definitely deleting this album straight after I've listened to it, it is one of the most pointless records i've had the pleasure of listening to

9. 60 Thompson

10. Blood For Wild Blood
I actually hate this, I've decided. It is profoundly annoying and I can't put my finger on why-this is why I'd never be a music journalist. I really couldn't face listening to this tripe day in-day out and having to give reason to my judgement.

11. The House
Last track, more sixth form poetry. If anyone memorizes these words, someone you know do them a favour, slap them and give them some decent music, anything but this.
Mercifully, its over after nearly 39 minutes but I can't help but feel I could have done something more important, more valuable with those ttwo thousand three hundred minutes like stare at the wall, scratch my arse, play sudoku, read the paper, anything actually. This is another record that I had little interest in before and absolutely none now. I could say something controversial like I hope they die in a plane crash or that Borrrrellll gets back on the smack and has a good old fashioned overdose but I really wouldn't mean that. I'll save my hatred for worthy targets, like The Killers.I was thinking of listening to the new one by Snow Patrol but I think I know what my feelings on that one will be as well. Keane, Razorlight, Snow Patrol etc etc etc careerist middle of the road corporate cock-suck rock can fuck right off. Their record companies can fuck off, and anyone who buys this shit can FUCK RIGHT OFF, these people don't deserve the sense of hearing


So lets forget whats new and shite, whats new and good???
Hearty recommendations for the following................

Alexis Taylor - Rubbed Out
A pretty lo-fi collection from the bloke with the glasses from Hot Chip which has moments of real soul and a cover of Macca's Coming Up.

Little Joy - S/T
A side project from Fab Moretti out of The Strokes in which he plays lovely jaunty songs where he sings exactly like Julian from said day job band. Nice!!!

Cassette Boy - Carry On Breathing
More mash-up/sound collage lunacy from these purveyors of sample crazy genius. Some real laugh out loud moments such as The Lead Thief which cuts up commentary from Match Of The Day to creat a potty mouthed tale of several well know football players and their sexual preferences, hahahahaha!!!

Enjoy them while they last, this post may well self destruct rather soon.

Ta ta for now kids!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Keane are quite obviously the antichrist

So I had this post up a couple of weeks ago where I reviewed the Keane album, not because I wanted to tell the world how good it was or because I really wanted to listen to it but because I thought it would be interesting to be honest about a bad who I don't really like and never had. I didn't really like it, it was pretty much how I thought it would be but I wasn't particularly rude about it. I didn't post a link to download it and I did post a link to buy it from. So this post has mysteriously disappeared, why? Call me paranoid (everyone else does behind my back) but it seems the record company or someone must fear my humble opinion of a record that will sell millions regardless, I thought I was quite nice about the record. Well fuck em, Keane are a set of massive posh wankers with plums in their mouths and they've made another longplayer that I will do my best to ignore from now on.
I'm just waiting for the Killers new one to leak so I can be honest about that one too.............

Yours in christ,,,,


Monday, October 13, 2008

here's something to look at/listen to

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Heavenly weekend............................

Greetings! Been a couple of weeks so I suppose I should post again huh?????????
Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to have a look at this here site, seems a few people do check in regularly which is nice, please feel free to say hi some time, or to call me a cunt or whatever you like really-it would be good to get a bit of interaction going on.

Last weekend I spent two nights at the South Bank Centre on London's South Bank (funnily enough!) for a couple of gigs which were part of Heavenly Records 18th birthday. Over three days a host of the label's artists, past and present, came together to celebrate the coming of age of one of our most esteemed "indie" imprints. On Friday in the massive Royal Festival Hall saw a return gig by the Doves with support from Manic Street Preachers doing only the six songs released by Heavenly at the start of their career and Kickabout faves Cherry Ghost. I did not have a ticket for this! Tickets were thirty sheets and sold out in nanoseconds, so I had to make do with a free offering in the Clore Ballroom downsatairs of the big show. Four bands for free in London on a Friday night, can't be bad?

First up were The Dulwich Ukelele Clubwho as their names suggests were a South London collective which featured lots of Ukeleles! I got in half way through their set and they were a lot of fun. They were supposed to be playing a few covers of Heavenly related songs and I heard them announce on song as being by Nada Surf although I didn't recognise it. It was heard not to watch them with a smile on your face and the few hundred gathered cedrtainly seemed to enjoy it. I think they would be a great festival band and it seems they have played a few this summer(Bestival, Glastonbury etc)which would be perfect for a Sunday afternoon, beer in hand, I would imagine. Next up were Reading's Beggars a group I must admit I knew nothing about despite being aware of the name. First impression was that they looked rather young(I guess they all do now, sob)and a little Kooksy. The first tune they played was their cover of Leonard Cohen's The Future which some may know from the awesome soundtrack to Natural Born Killers, I didn't recogniz
e it at first but me mate Dave did. I thought it sounded a bit like Starsailor but that may have just been the vocals. They seemed very tight and had some pretty good tunes but to these ears nothing that would put them up there with the likes of The (fucking) Kooks et al, at least not yet. Their myspace has a list of influences that would make me very interested in them and you can certainly hear that they are into the "good stuff" but to me it did smack a little of that Brit School, pre-made band sort of thing. Maybe I'm just an old cynic but I will listen out for them in future.

Third on were the reformed 22-20s who I thought were just playing for this event but who did play one new song. What to say about them???? I had no strong opinions of them when they were around, kind of liked what I heard but wasn't too upset when they amicably split up a couple of years back. I thought they were quite passionless on the night which was strange because I had this oimpression they were quite some live band in their day. The few songs I did know were pretty good, the singles Such A Fool and Devil In Me were hailed back in the day as evidence of some British White Stripes/BRMC thing but I feel if they are to reform there won't be a Verve-like surge in popularity, I think they may have had their time as a a pretty decent band and settle for that quite honestly.

After an hour and a half gap, the headliner of the gratis gig was Sir Edward Harcourt. I've always been a big fan since those early tags of a British Tom Waits at the turn of the century(and not just because I've been told I have a passing resemblance to the great man!)I've seen Ed a few times, most recently supporting The Gutter Twins at short notice in Februray when his one man act received great plaudits and earned him a position in the band for their US tour. I'd also seen him next door at The Queen Elizabet Hall a few years ago with full band, strings, brass and all which to me was very emotional, maybe because I was with a girl I was trying to impress, to on avail.......In recent times Harcourt the solo artist it seemed was being put to bed. His contract with EMI ran out and a career spanning best of was put out with suggestions tht he was to concentrate on writing and producing others but it seems there is a lot more to see of Ed and I'm sure someone will put out a new record as the guy is so connected within the industry. Maybe after he has completed the soundtrack to the wrongheaded Donnie Darko sequel which is currently in the pipeline. On the night, Ed was joined by a medium sized band of guitar, double bass, trumpet and his quite beautiful and very pregnant wife Gita on Violin and we were treated to a 45 minute set of classics including Watching The Sun Go Up, Apple Of My Eye, Born In The 70s and the quite excellent Until Tomorrow Then which is the title of said best of and you should buy it. NOW!>
So that was Friday, worth every penny and then some. I returned on Saturday, this time for a paid for gig next door at the QEH. Twenty quid got you an evening with The
Magic Numbers, Beth Orton and Pete Greenwood. This show also sold out extremely quickly but I managed to find a return online a couple of days before. I've always been a fan of TMN ever since I saw them on an xfm xposure night in February 2005, fuck, THAT long ago!!!!!!! I've seen them quite a few times since, less in the last couple of years though so I was extremely happy to make this one and the prospect of seeing Ms Orton as well made this a bargain night. I arrived, after queueing for ages for a pint, a few minutes into opener Pete Greenwood's set and quite lovely it was too. Lovely picky folky stuff, not very exciting but quite lovely. He did seem to be a bit bemiused to be playing this 900 seater venue, maybe he was nervous but he mumbled his way inbetween songs which I think didn't endear him to the crowd as maybe he could have. Oh well, it was
quite quite lovely. Quite.

The next set was a real special thing, Beth Orton playing her Heavenly debut Trailer Park in full. Great album it is, you should buy it. When she first arrived on the scene she was seen as some sort of pioneer in the folktronica scene(if there is, or ever was one)and this record was quite possibly thousands of peoples comedown record, her links to William Orbit and The Chemical Brothers gave her that kudos with the danceheads but over her next few records she strayed further to the folk side of things and the arrangements of the songs tonight reflected this fact. Augmented by a chap on Violin and Piano and other stuff it was great to hear these songs after all this time even if Beth admitted to being very nervous. It did show a little bit, especially on second track Tangent where she was defeated by the over-wordy chorus, resulting in a nice little couplet of expletives(Fuck,Cunt,Shit I believe)before starting again and eventually winning huge applause. Orton explained that breastfeeding must have made her a bit scatty, but there was no need to make excuses, this was a hugely likeable set by a real crowd favourite that sounds completely on its own compared to the other female folkstresses who have followed in her wake. Hopefully she'll treat us to a new record soon, lactation dependent!!
I managed to get another pint in during the interval and step outside to take in the sights, I've been to quite a few gigs at the South Bank this year(Mogwai,Eels,Elbow, now theses two)and Ican honestly say it is a great place to watch bands. Sure a bit pricy, but the sound is awesome and each show has felt like a bit of an event, you can't help feel that so I guess for the artists its just the same hence good performances. I personally love to gaze out across the Thames towards Waterloo Bridge with the internal jukebox pl;aying that classic Kinks song and I nearly always well up, I fucking love London and that view and song kind of encapsulates it all for me, but I digress.....

I took my seat for the main event and noticed quite a few empty seats, a whole row alongside me in fact which I can only imagine were holds for Heavenly record company dudes and the like who were probably next door watching Edwyn Collins. The Numbers opened with This Is A Song, the first track on their second record Those The Brokes which was followed by Take A Chance off the same record but it wasn't til Forever Lost was played before people really reacted. For me, the follow up to their massive self titled debut album was very good but not as instant as the debut and this was evident given the reaction to other songs such as The Mule and I See You, You See Me in the early part of the set. In the excellent free programme for the Forever Heavenly festivities Bob Stanley described how at the early shows there were lots of people singing along to these songs when there were very few mp3s doing the rounds, certainly no records and their instant appeal still shows. The Magic Numbers were a breath of fresh air to me when I first encountered them, just great tunes, great harmonies played wonderfully live and the following album is apparently the biggest selling in Heavenly's 18 years, which given the apparent non image of this weird looking bunch is a massive acheivement testament to Romeo Stodart's songwriting and the girls way round a harmony. The couple of new songs played tonight still don't show the immediacy of those original songs but to these ears were well crafted bites that show these brothers and sisters will be around for some time yet. When the set started lagging we were treated to snatches of The Impressions People Get Ready and Kate Bush's Running Up The Hill which is something else I love about this band, their way of covering songs and putting that little Magic Numbers touch on it. Another show-stopper was bassist Michele's turn on lead vocals for Take Me Or Leave Me, a real moment. In the encore Beth Orton duetted with Romeo on Fred Neil's classic Dolphins to rapturous applause and soon after it was Morning's Eleven and show over. It didn't change the world but I and many people went home with a big smile on our faces and that is as much as you can ask for. Actually, I didn't go home, I ended up in a bar in Islington til 3am but thats another story..........

So, Heavenly, many happy returns-heres to another 18 years(at least.
Check out their website for more info about a great British label, I believe you can order the previously mentioned Forever Heavenly programme for the price of postage alone and it really is a cracking read telling the story of the label with quotes from all the major players and with a full discography at the back to remind you of all the great records they have put out over the years.

There is also a free download sampler if you sign up to the mailing list HERE

I've put together an alternative Heavenly sampler with a few tracks by the likes of Doves, Ed Harcourt, Cherry Ghost, Beth Orton and more which you can download in
a zip file at the link below, hope you like it. Go buy some of these artists wares too!!


Well that was another long one wasn't it?????????????????

Love you, bye!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

a few more visitors, a few more uploads

Still no joy with the cunting dj program but i'd thought i'd keep the momentum going and put a few more morsels up for your delectation.
In the last few weeks I went ona bit of a mad search for new interesting music like I used to do in my early days of internet perusal and I unearthed a few really good bits and pieces.
The first thing I was hooked in by was this video that was everywhere on the usual big music blogs...................

So its obvously a cover of Fleet Foxes, who according to my last.fm charts
are my band of the year and these two girls are a pair of Swedish sisters who record under the name First Aid Kit. 15 and 17 respectedly they show influences that betray their years, definite hints of Joanna Newsom and Alela Diane in there, maybe thats why I like it so much.
Their EP is entitled Drunken Trees and can be purchased from here.................

or try it here

Another EP I came across(and I can't remember how/why)was by London based artist called Broadcast 2000. Basically the creation of one Joe Steer it has been likened to things like Sufjan Stevens and i'd throw in other singular mavericks such as Jim Noir and the guy from Get Well Soon.
The EP is 20 minutes of loveliness and you deserve to listen to it.

Go on then.........

Listening to this then reminded me of a find from earlier this year in the shape of The Mondestrunken EP from fellow London based artist F. Lunaire. I'm not gonna tell you much about him apart from the fact he covers Dramamine by Modest Mouse on the EP and has an amazing cover of another alt-rock classic up on you tube.

Download this one now


watch this

Finally, I've been thinking of late how shit xfm is these days. I get to listen to the one time alternative station allday due to my seniority at work and what do I hear, the good songs repetitively, the shite songs by the likes of One Night Only, Scouting For Girls, Hard-Fi and The Kooks also repetitively and a few overplayed classics inbetween. It actually feels like Groundhog Day listening to that shower all week but I guess it's still better than Virgin Reddieyo(as most of their cockwank dj's call it. Found it they are changing their name to Absoluite Radio soon, maybe they should merge with "the mighty" x and call themselves Absolute Cunts???????????? I digress,,,,,,,, when xfm first came along what must have been about 16 years ago for it's monthly trials the music it played seemed completely alien to me. I was just getting to know "indie" music and some of the stuff played during the daytime confused the fuck out of me. It was the sort of thing I didn't want my parents to know I listened to cos they might worry about me. Now its stuff the parents probably buy!!!
Anyway, one thing they caned during daytime schedules was a track called Airplane Gardens by The Family Cat. It was great pre-Britpop indie and was an NME single of the week if I remember correctly, the 3 tracks on the single were all great and I still think it stands up now.
DOWNLOAD and appreciate.

Thats that, apologies if this was a little rambling and also for typos but I have a severe bout of man-flu and I'm a bit delirious to be honest. Enjoy the goodies and I'll post again quite quite soon.

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